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About Us

Polka dots! Watercolor daisies! Fun chevron! Maple leaves! Or modern white brick and weathered wood, anyone? A kaleidoscope of fun and beautiful backdrops for your photography business is what Artisan Backdrops is all about. Spice up your portfolio, excite your clients and win their hearts and loyalty with a wide range of backdrops lovingly made in Canada.

We get it. We are photographers ourselves. We know firsthand that a great setup can turn a smiling client into a life-long fan, returning for business again and again, and bringing more referrals along the way! Having a wide range of backgrounds helps the business grow, book more clients, and stay fresh and fun. Roll up weathered wood floordrop on the floor, hang fun vintage pears drop behind your subject, and all you have to worry about is capturing that beautiful moment! We love making fun, beautiful and artistic images, and using our beautiful Poly Lite backdrops makes the job easy.

We do it all ourselves right here in our Toronto-based studio: design, print, and carefully pack and ship our backdrops. We are very happy and proud to have developed a variety of Poly backdrops for ourselves and fellow photographers that look great both in real life and on pictures, easy to store, set-up and clean, and are budget-friendly as they are entirely made in and shipped from Canada!

Beautiful, convenient, and eye-catching - we help your photos stand-out, make your clients happy and leave them wanting more. Our backgrounds are helping more families to have beautiful pictures while helping photographers generate more sales! Karma points times two!

Let’s work together and make the world a more beautiful place!

With Love, from Canada,
Lucy Literna

ArtisanBackdrops, formal RocktheDrops Canada is Canadian supplier for professional Poly photography backdrops. 


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